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Our greatest asset is quality and experience. We have been on the market for many years, offering our client’s proven solutions and professional services. We manufacture and wholesale spare parts for cars of the most popular brands, including MG-ROVER, LAND ROVER, and JAGUAR. On individual orders, we undertake to import parts to all English brands. Our staff will be happy to advise customers on the selection of appropriate parts.

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TCI Group Henryk Tanerowicz

14913 Niederer Fläming OT Welsickendorf

Dorfstraße 45

Nr ident. 1121/554/02133

Handelsregisternummer: 60132511749 

USt-IdNr.: DE326180336

Our future is an investment in quality

trusted by many leading companies, services, and customers around the world. Our partnership proves the trust in the original and spare parts produced by our FMParts line.

Our values

Our values are; precision of orders, quality, and punctuality.

Our solution

We offer many packages for fast delivery throughout Europe and professional advice in the selection of parts

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